In Which I Say Hello And Ramble Aimlessly

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In Which I Say Hello And Ramble Aimlessly  Empty In Which I Say Hello And Ramble Aimlessly

Post  Debbie Cameron on Fri May 11, 2012 3:50 am

Introductions are always so difficult to write. I've never been particularly good at job interviews, either. There is just something about trying to sell oneself which stumps me.

I have hobbies and interests.
I'm a pixel artist. And I read far too many history books, which only results in running my way through every possible alternate history idea I stumble across.
I don't read as much science fiction as I know I ought, partially because a good portion of it is horribly written, prose-wise.
I do watch a lot of science fiction, though. I would probably be classified as a Trekkie, especially as I have a Star Trek tattoo. I am in the minority as far as Star Trek fans go, because my favourite series is Deep Space Nine (and before you give me any words about it being a Babylon 5 rip-off, I am also a Babylon 5 fan). I prefer the linear plotline, as well as the tone of it, which was a lot more serious than prior Trek series. Um, but the big thing is that Deep Space Nine is much more well-rounded ideologically than any other Star Trek series. You really get to see so many shades of grey, and you have protagonists who are so juxtaposed to the magic happy Federation which serves to highlight the flaws in the Federation. It's a refreshing break from Star Trek Idealism.

I did not intend to gush about Star Trek that much.

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